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Author Topic: The forum is shaping up nicely  (Read 15597 times)

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The forum is shaping up nicely
« on: April 24, 2012, 03:09:31 pm »
Ever since new 3DNA forum was made public in early March, it is shaping up quite nicely. As demonstrated by the statistics, the number of registrations and posts have increased significantly thereafter. The following table is a snapshot of the section "Forum History (using forum time offset)" (at the bottom of the statistics page) as of today while I am writing this post:
Yearly Summary     New Topics  New Posts   New Members   Most Online
 2012                  39          163          114            11
    April 2012         7           60           44             9
    March 2012         13          55           61             11
    February 2012      13          38           7              6
    January 2012       6           10           2              6
 2011                  3           6            8              6
Note that most of the posts in February were composed by myself in preparing the forum for public release.

As made clear in my initial welcome message, the forum was created to make 3DNA-related discussions archived, searchable, and viewable to the public (without registration). With support from the community at large, enthusiastic users in particular, 3DNA forum is functioning well as expected -- thank you! As 3DNA enjoys wider recognition it deserves, the forum is more than likely to become more active, and potentially turns into "an online community for DNA/RNA structural bioinformatics."

I'd like to emphasize again that any 3DNA-related questions are welcome and should be directed to this 3DNA forum. As always, I strive to provide a prompt and concrete response to each and every question posted here. No email or private forum message, please -- by asking your questions on the public 3DNA Forum, you are benefiting not only yourself but also the whole user community.

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