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Author Topic: No more grant funding for 3DNA/DSSR  (Read 16431 times)

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No more grant funding for 3DNA/DSSR
« on: October 30, 2021, 09:58:15 pm »
Due to a lack of governmental funding support, we are no longer able to provide DSSR free of charge to the community. Academic users may submit a license request for DSSR Basic or DSSR Pro by clicking "Express Licensing". Commercial users may inquire about pricing and licensing terms by emailing, copying

DSSR Pro excels in structural bioinformatics of RNA, DNA, and their protein complexes. The software has completely superseded 3DNA, and is being continuously improved. Revenue from licensing supports the development and availability of DSSR.

I am committed to making DSSR a brand that stands for quality and value. By virtue of its unmatched functionality, usability, and support, DSSR saves users a substantial amount of time and effort when compared to other options.

I designed, implemented, documented, and have continuously improved and supported DSSR. As a result, DSSR users may expect a rapid and concrete answer to their questions. My track record throughout the years has unambiguously demonstrated my dedication to DSSR. I strive to ensure that paying users' trust in DSSR is well-founded by providing them with the best services possible.

As a general rule, the CTV does not provide an evaluation license of DSSR. Potential users should watch the DSSR overview video (20m), browse the Forum, and read DSSR-related papers. If they still have questions or want to see a live demo, I would be pleased to accommodate them. Although more DSSR licenses are definitely beneficial, I do not have the time or desire to directly promote the product, including sending bulk emails to registered users of the Forum. As the developer, I can only strive to make DSSR the best it can be and let the rest sort itself out. I am a strong believer of the old Chinese saying: "酒香不怕巷子深" (Good wine needs no bush).

3DNA is obsolete and no longer maintained or supported. Thanks to the revenue from DSSR licenses, however, the following web-based resources remain accessible to the general public:
Additionally, the 3DNA Forum will be maintained so that people can assist one another and archived content would remain accessible. I may chime in occasionally, but I will not be able to continue serving the community for free as I did over the past decade.

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