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Registration Agreement

This forum is dedicated to topics generally related to the 3DNA suite of software programs (including DSSR and SNAP) for the analysis, rebuilding, and visualization of 3D nucleic acid structures. To make the 3DNA Forum a pleasant virtual community for all of us to learn from and contribute to, please be considerate and practice good netiquette ( See also the FAQ entry "How to make the best use of the Forum".

I strive to make the Forum spam free. Private emails (,, etc.) are not accepted; such registrations will be removed. Approved registrations that are not activated via email will be deleted. Activated accounts that are not accessed (logins) will be erased. Posts that are not 3DNA/DSSR related in the broad sense are taken as spams and are strictly forbidden. All administrative actions are performed without notification.

DSSR has completely superseded 3DNA (which is no longer supported). DSSR integrates the disparate programs of 3DNA under one umbrella, and offers new advanced features, through a convenient interface. DSSR requires no set up or configuration: it simply works. See the Overview.

When posting on the Forum, please abide by the following rules:

0.  Do your homework; read the FAQ and browse the Forum.
1.  Ask your questions on the *public* 3DNA Forum instead of sending
        xiangjun emails or personal messages. Additionally, please note
        that your posts on the 3DNA Forum are in the *public domain*.
2.  Be specific with your questions; provide a minimal, reproducible
        example if possible; use attachments where appropriate.
3.  Respond to requests for clarification. Failure to do so may result in
        delay or no answer to your questions.
4.  Summarize the solution to your problem from a user's perspective
        by providing step-by-step details, for the community's benefit.
5+ Contribute back to the 3DNA project:
        o Report bugs — including typos
        o Make constructive suggestions — anything that can make 3DNA better
        o Answer other users' questions
        o Share your use cases in the "Users' contributions" section

In a nutshell, you are welcome to participate and should not hesitate to ask questions, but remember to play nice and preferably share what you learn! Please note that we do *not* tolerate spamming or off-topic trolling of any form.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy has not been created for this forum.

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