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Hi everyone,
I have a quick question about hydrogen bonds-can the program find hydrogen bonds between protein and rna (a docked system)? I have tried using get-hbonds command. However, it only gives me hydrogen bonds in rna-not between protein and rna.
Thanh Le

RNA structures (DSSR) / x3dna-dssr installation
« on: March 22, 2017, 08:29:45 pm »
Hi Dr. Xiangjun,
I am trying to install x3dna-dssr to my mac; I had successfully installed x3dna. However, I am having trouble to run the program. Using the command line "x3dna-dssr -h" only gives me command not found. Futhermore, double-clicking on the icon, it gives me this
missing required option: must specify -i=PDBFile/mmCIF
type: 'x3dna-dssr -h' for help
What should I do?
Thanh Le
P.S. After downloading x3dna-dssr from the website, I moved it to a bin folder and used the command "chmod u+x x3dna-dssr"

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