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I am replying to let others know that I have solved the problem by extending the DNA without the protein. Then, I overlay the protein-DNA complex with the extended DNA and remove the original DNA.

I actually did not solve my problem, so I would appreciate any advice at all!

Introduction: I have a protein-DNA complex with a few base pairs missing at both 5' and 3' terminals. I extended my DNA duplex using the instructions in the forum post: This was very helpful, and my duplex was extended properly, as indicated in stars in the code below.

The Issue: There were breaks in the backbone structure of my duplex. I found this article about the use of the program "Phenix": Using Phenix did not fix the backbone structure and it removed my protein from the PDB. I tried to simply replace my original DNA coordinates with the new coordinates in the PDB but this did not solve the issue. I am not sure where to go from here.

I am providing my code with all the steps I have taken:

Find_pair 4wlw_AB.pdb stdout
Frame_mol -1 ref_frames.dat 4wlw_AB.pdb 4wlw_ref_frames5.pdb
Fiber -b -seq=ttg ttg.pdb
Find_pair ttg.pdb ttg.bps
Frame_mol -3 ref_frames.dat ttg.pdb ttg_ref_frames5.pdb

Pymol: open 4wlw_ref_frames5.pdb and ttg_ref_frames5.pdb and see if they superimpose onto G of the original DNA
Cut the coordinates of TT and AA in ttg_ref5.pdb into 4wlw_ref_frames5.pdb and save as 4wlw_extend5.pdb

Find_pair 4wlw_extend5.pdb stdout
Frame_mol -25 ref_frames.dat 4wlw_extend5.pdb 4wlw_extend5_ref_frames3.pdb
Fiber -b -seq=ctaacct ctaacct.pdb
Find_pair ctaacct.pdb ctaacct.bps
Frame_mol -1 ref_frames.dat ctaacct.pdb ctaacct_ref_frames3.pdb

Pymol and cut coordinates again

*the DNA is now extended properly, but there are breaks in the backbone structure*

x3dna_utils cp_std BDNA
Find_pair 4wlw_extend53.pdb stdout | analyze stdin
Rebuild -atomic bp_step.par 4wlw_3dna.pdb

Phenix.geometry_minimization 4wlw_3dna.pdb min.params
Find_pair 4wlw_3dna.pdb stdout | analyze stdin
Find_pair 4wlw_3dna_minimized.pdb stdout | analyze stdin

*Both 4wlw_3dna.pdb and 4wlw_3dna_minimized.pdb are only the DNA and not the complex. The backbone is still not correct.

I apologize - I was able to figure out a solution. I cannot figure out how to delete this post.

Hello all, and thank you for this easy to use software!

I have extended my DNA duplex using the instructions in the forum post This was very helpful. I can provide my code if necessary.

I am having an issue when I visualize, though. I followed the steps in the post and repeated the steps to ensure I did them correctly, but it seems that there are some breaks in the backbone structure. I am wondering if there is anyway to fix this using 3DNA or if anyone has ran into this problem before. I've attached an image of what I mean.

Please let me know if there is anything I can provide.

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