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Author Topic: Happy New Year Greeting Pictures from Dr. Pascal Auffinger  (Read 11657 times)

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Happy New Year Greeting Pictures from Dr. Pascal Auffinger
« on: January 12, 2008, 12:02:26 am »
Over the past couple of years, I am thrilled to receive (Chinese) new year greeting pictures from Dr. Pascal Auffinger (IBMC-CNRS, France),  one of my respected scientists in the field of nucleic acid structures.

I have communicated with Pascal a lot via email and this forum on 3DNA-related questions that are relevant to his research over the years. I am glad to find that 3DNA has turned out to be a useful tool in his SwS, a Solvation web Service for nucleic acids. During the process, Pascal has helped me in refining 3DNA to make it more robust, and in adding new functionalities.

Positive and responsive interactions with users like Pascal are what drives 3DNA forward.

Thanks, Pascal!

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