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dear 3dna community,

If I have the AT intra base pair parameters (shear, stretch, stagger, etc), will these parameters be exactly the same for a TA base pair, or will they have the opposite sign? (the absolute values will be the same but I am not sure about the sign).

Similarly, if I have the AA base pair step parameters (shift, slide, rise etc) will these parameters be exactly the same for a TT base pair step, or will their values have the opposite sign?

Thank you,

Dear all,

my understanding is that currently we can create with 3DNA, DNA structures with average parameters for dihedral angles, angles and parameters. Is it possible to create DNA structures with sequence-dependent characteristics, such as minor groove compression in PURINEpPYRIMIDINE steps, compression of major groove in PYRIMIDINEpPURINE steps etc?

Thank you,


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