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Author Topic: How to make the best use of the Forum  (Read 6234 times)

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How to make the best use of the Forum
« on: May 19, 2017, 11:35:45 am »
  • Register with a valid, work-related email address. I strive to make the Forum spam free. Private emails (,, etc.) are not accepted; such registrations will be removed. Approved registrations that are not activated via email will be deleted. Activated accounts that are not accessed (logins) will be erased. The first post from a registered account is moderated. Posts that are not 3DNA/DSSR related in the broad sense are taken as spams and are strictly forbidden.
  • Download 3DNA by clicking the corresponding links within the legitimate member-only 'Downloads' section.
  • Post on the Forum any 3DNA-related questions, or share your experience/use case with the community. After registration, you must post your questions yourself on the Forum to get them answered. I do not post questions asked privately via email on the Forum on your behalf.

    To post (after logging in), first select a proper section (e.g., General discussions (Q&As), RNA structures (DSSR)). If you need to create a new thread, click the "NEW TOPIC" button on the top-right, and pick up a concise Subject. If you are following an existing thread, click "REPLY" at the bottom. You will then be presented with a familiar, Word-like form to compose and format your post.

    By posting your questions on the 3DNA Forum, you are asking for help from others, for free. Be appreciative if you receive responses. Be open-minded, since your questions may not be answered in a way you expect, or receive any reply at all.

    Your posts on the 3DNA Forum are in the public domain. Search engines like Google index and cache the website. The 3DNA Forum is automatically backed up every day.
  • Click the Notify button (in the upper right corner) to receive email alerts for new posts in the threads or sections you are interested in. You can also change your settings for notifications and newsletters via "Profile" • "Modify Profile" • "Notifications" (login required).
  • Share what you know that could be of interest to the general 3DNA user community. Be helpful.
  • Behave yourself. No spam or trolling allowed. Violators are removed immediately without any further notice.
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