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Author Topic: How to build a single-stranded RNA structure of arbitrary sequence?  (Read 13530 times)

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As of v2.1, the fiber utility has several new options that make building single-stranded RNA structures of arbitrary sequence a snap:
  • -s for single-strand
  • -r for RNA structure
  • -seq for specifying arbitrary sequence directly on the command line
For example, to generate a single-stranded RNA structure of sequence 'AUUGGUUC', do the following:
Code: [Select]
fiber -s -r -seq=AUUGGUUC ss-RNA.pdb
# the -s and -r options can be combined as -sr or -rs
fiber -sr -seq=AUUGGUUC ss-RNA.pdb

Technically, the RNA model is based on A-DNA model (#1 in the list), with the O2' atom attached on the sugar, and T replaced by U. The -s option simply extracts the leading strand from the default duplex.
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