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Author Topic: The graphical abstract  (Read 15149 times)

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The graphical abstract
« on: May 04, 2017, 01:35:32 pm »
"DSSR-enhanced visualization of tRNA (1ehz)" title="DSSR-enabled visualization of tRNA (1ehz)"

3D interactive visualization of the classic L-shaped tRNA (PDB id: 1ehz) with the three hairpin loops highlighted in red and the four-way junction loop in blue. The image was created using the DSSR-Jmol integration.

The Jmol script (abstract-graphics.scr) used to create the original image is shown below. The image was annotated using Inkscape.

Code: [Select]
# Jmol 14.13.1 (2017-04-09)
load =1ehz/dssr
select nucleic; display nucleic
rotate best; rotate z 90
cartoon only
set cartoonsteps on
set cartoonblocks off
set antialiasdisplay on
background white; color grey
select hairpins; color red
select junctions; color blue

The raw image from the above script is as below:

"DSSR-enhanced visualization of tRNA (1ehz)" title="DSSR-enabled visualization of tRNA (1ehz)"
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