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Title: Web 3DNA 2.0 is up and running
Post by: shuxiang on December 18, 2018, 09:15:17 pm
Web 3DNA 2.0 (http://web.x3dna.org/) is a significantly enhanced interface for the analysis, visualization, and modeling of 3D nucleic-acid structures. The new server employs modern web technologies and takes advantages of the latest 3DNA version 2.4.0. As a result, the original w3DNA website (http://w3dna.rutgers.edu/) is obsolete and users are strongly encouraged to use web 3DNA 2.0 (http://web.x3dna.org/).

Web 3DNA 2.0 has six major modules: Analysis (http://web.x3dna.org/), Visualization (http://web.x3dna.org/index.php/visualize), Rebuilding (http://web.x3dna.org/index.php/rebuild), Composite (http://web.x3dna.org/index.php/protein), Fiber (http://web.x3dna.org/index.php/fibermodel) and Mutation (http://web.x3dna.org/index.php/mutation). Each module has its default setting and users can just click the buttons to have a feeling of what the new server has to offer.

Any questions and bug reports are welcome!

Shuxiang & Xiang-Jun

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