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Title: The forum is shaping up nicely
Post by: xiangjun on April 24, 2012, 03:09:31 pm
Ever since new 3DNA forum was made public in early March, it is shaping up quite nicely. As demonstrated by the  statistics (http://forum.x3dna.org/index.php?action=stats), the number of registrations and posts have increased significantly thereafter. The following table is a snapshot of the section "Forum History (using forum time offset)" (at the bottom of the statistics page) as of today while I am writing this post:
Yearly Summary     New Topics  New Posts   New Members   Most Online
 2012                  39          163          114            11
    April 2012         7           60           44             9
    March 2012         13          55           61             11
    February 2012      13          38           7              6
    January 2012       6           10           2              6
 2011                  3           6            8              6
Note that most of the posts in February were composed by myself in preparing the forum for public release.

As made clear in my initial welcome message (http://forum.x3dna.org/site-announcements/welcome-message-from-xiang-jun-lu/), the forum was created to make 3DNA-related discussions archived, searchable, and viewable to the public (without registration). With support from the community at large, enthusiastic users in particular, 3DNA forum is functioning well as expected -- thank you! As 3DNA enjoys wider recognition it deserves, the forum is more than likely to become more active, and potentially turns into "an online community for DNA/RNA structural bioinformatics."

I'd like to emphasize again that any 3DNA-related questions are welcome and should be directed to this 3DNA forum. As always, I strive to provide a prompt and concrete response to each and every question posted here. No email or private forum message, please -- by asking your questions on the public 3DNA Forum, you are benefiting not only yourself but also the whole user community.


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