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Title: Forum updated to phpBB3
Post by: admin on January 05, 2008, 11:47:04 am
Over the past few months, the 3DNA forum has had increased spam-registrations. Luckily, due to the fact that new accounts must be activated by the administrator, no junk posts have appeared in the forum.

While the large number of registrations on the front page of the 3DNA forum looks great, a majority of them constitute spam. When I tried to eliminate these junk accounts, I made a silly mistake...  :oops: and rendered the forum non-functional for a while. As a consequence, a few recent active user accounts and posts are also gone!

To solve the problems from bottom up, I have decided to switch the forum from phpBB version 2.x to the latest of version 3.x. In addition to increased security measures and easier maintenance, the new version has a built-in attachment module. I am also planning to put more material (e.g., online documentation, working examples, etc.) onto this forum. As always, I welcome user feedback and active involvement.  :wink:


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