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[1] Download instructions

[2] DSSR-Jmol featured in cover image of NAR'17 web-server issue

[3] DSSR-Jmol paper in NAR

[4] Highlights of recent developments of 3DNA/DSSR

[5] Pauling's triplex model of DNA and RNA

[6] The number registrations has reached 3000

[7] Summary of registrations

[8] CCN short communication on base-pair geometry

[9] Alternative 3DNA homepage at URL


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Created and maintained by Dr. Xiang-Jun Lu[律祥俊]· Supported by the NIH grant R01GM096889 · Dr. Lu is currently a member of the Bussemaker Laboratory at the Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University. The project is in collabration with the Olson Laborarory at Rutgers where 3DNA got started.

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