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Hi Junkai,

Thanks for the update. Getting DSSR-Basic, Academic license has been very straightforward from past experiences. As I heard from the CTV, your application has triggered a review of the license policy, and thus the delay. I am not sure of the exact details, but being patient seems to the best thing that can be done.

Let's stop this thread and put future communications via email.

Best regards,

Dear Xiang-Jun,

I'm writing to provide you with an update on my recent efforts to seek assistance.

Following the contact information provided on the Columbia Technology Venture (CTV) website, I reached out via email to in hopes of gaining support and guidance. Unfortunately, I have yet to receive a response from them. I have thoroughly checked my email records and ensured that the address was correctly spelled. I look forward to my project being able to use DSSR as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Dear Xiang-Jun,

I am very sorry to interrupt you again. Unfortunately, I still haven't received my DSSR license, and I believe it may be due to the weekend or some other change. I sincerely hope to receive it soon.Thanks again!

Best regards,

Hi Junkai,

Thanks for your interest in purchasing a DSSR Basic Academic License. Sorry for the unexpected delay in response from the CTV. I've communicated with people in charge, and hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly.

Best regards,

Dear Xiangjun,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm writing to follow up on my recent application for the DSSR Basic Licence,  which was submitted by my supervisor(Lijun Quan) on 9th February, . As of now, I haven't received any confirmation or updates regarding the status of my application. Could you kindly provide me with some information on the next steps or any additional actions I might need to take to facilitate the process?

Thank you very much for your attention and assistance. I truly appreciate your help in this matter.

With best regards
RNA structures (DSSR) / Re: 2D DNA structure
« Last post by luka86 on February 05, 2024, 09:36:24 am »
Thank you, but it seems that there is no free version of dssr. Is there any option to parse the x3dna output or some other way that is free of charge?
Thanks in advance.
Code: [Select]
what are the criteria for selecting the origin and XYZ axis vectors for the coordinate system?

It helps that you reads 3DNA/DSSR-related publications, and report back what you find.
Hi Xiangjun,

Thank you for your patient reply. I now understand the issue.
I have one final question:
what are the criteria for selecting the origin and XYZ axis vectors for the coordinate system?

Best regards,
Junkai Wang
Hi Junkai,

Thanks for your follow-up. Now your question can be answered, using C5' atom as an example:

ATOM    195  C5'  U A  10     -15.795  -3.890 -14.824  1.00  0.34           C  
C5' atom coordinate       C5prime_xyz: [-1.405, 8.313, 1.694]

C5prime_xyz is the original C5' atomic coordinates [-15.795  -3.890 -14.824] expressed in the local base reference frame,

Code: [Select]

dd = [-15.795  -3.890 -14.824] - [-7.546,-2.079,-13.202] = [-8.249  -1.811  -1.622]

dd * [ -0.071  -0.997  -0.037
        0.233   0.020  -0.972
        0.970  -0.078   0.231 ] = [-1.4096   8.3145   1.6908]

The slight difference between [-1.4096   8.3145   1.6908] and [-1.405, 8.313, 1.694] is due to round off errors.

Hope this helps.


PS. Which version of DSSR are you using?
Feature requests / MOVED: 2D DNA structure
« Last post by xiangjun on February 02, 2024, 12:14:28 pm »
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