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Dear Dr. Xiang-Jun Lu,

I used versions of 3DNA earlier than the 2018 versions some time ago, in those versions it was possible to calculate the torsion angles of the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA, without taking into account the bases, with the following command:

analyze -t = name.tor name.pdb

However in the new versions, this task is not possible anymore, it is necessary to have the nitrogenous bases or at least   N1, C2 or N9, C4 atoms. 

I was wondering if there is a new instruction or way to do that, because it would shorten my work route considerably. One of my study purposes is the optimized fragments of the Sugar-Phosphate Backbone, in these fragments the nitrogenous bases of the DNA are eliminated and replaced by a hydrogen (position N1 or N9) as shown in file attached .

Thank you very much,

Andrea R.

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