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w3DNA -- web interface to 3DNA / DNA bend angle calculation
« on: May 10, 2013, 12:03:18 am »
We are trying to calculate DNA bend angle using the output obtained from
X3DNA online software, we use the equation given below to solve the
problem and we were unsuccessful.

acos(dot(a, b)) * 180/pi      as mentioned in the blog of Prof. Xiang-Jan Lu

Can anyone please help us in solving the bend angle for the following vectors

Global linear helical axis defined by equivalent C1' and RN9/YN1 atom pairs
Deviation from regular linear helix: 3.42(0.40)
Helix:    -0.007  -0.076   0.997
HETATM 9998  XS    X X 999      68.227   2.641 -26.513
HETATM 9999  XE    X X 999      67.797  -2.012  34.748
Average and standard deviation of helix radius:
      P: 9.51(0.62), O4': 6.66(0.67),  C1': 6.05(0.65)Helix:    -0.007  -0.076   0.997

Looking for your reply

Joseph Hussain
Research scholar, Dept. of Chemistry,
IIT Bombay, Mumbai

P.S Prof. Xiang-Jan Lu, some how I could not post this in the forum, can you please help me in posting this message. Thank you

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