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Title: No Output File Created
Post by: ashay on February 07, 2017, 02:39:14 pm
Dear Dr. Lu,

For the PDB file 4YLN, a bps file can be made, however, an output file that analyzes the bps file can not be created.

The error message reads:
residue serial number 1144911546 or 0 <= 0

Are there some modifications that need to be done to the bps file before it can be analyzed? How can an output file for 4YLN be created?

Title: Re: No Output File Created
Post by: xiangjun on February 07, 2017, 06:41:59 pm
Hi Ashay,

You've identified a bug in
Code: [Select]
find_pair output when the serial number of a nucleotide is 5-digit long, as in 4yln.

Code: [Select]
7660 7697  9 #   72 x ....>5:..16_:[.DC]C-----g[GTP]:..13_:6<....  2.42  1.72  8.66  9.27  3.28
1144911546  0 #   73 | ....>7:..11_:[.DA]A-----T[.DT]:..52_:8<....  1.27  1.16 40.25  8.64  2.60

The field "1144911546" should be "11449 11546". There is no residue with a serial number that big.

The bug has been fixed in 3DNA v2.3-2017feb08. Please download it and report back if you have further questions.

Thanks for reporting!


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