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Hi all,

Over the years, new features in 3DNA have largely been driven by requests from the user community. As a concrete example, the mutate_bases utility program in v2.1 has been created to meet the needs of applying 3DNA to modeling studies of DNA-protein interactions. Similarly, the x3dna_ensemble Ruby module was written in response to a common need of analyzing trajectories of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.

I aim to give each and every feature request a careful consideration, but will only consider to implement or incorporate into 3DNA the ones that I can fully understand. Additionally and importantly, the new features must make sense to me (I can be more easily convinced with specific examples), and should be of at least potential general interest. I'd like to make it clear that feature-rich is not a priority or major goal of 3DNA; what I strive for is a coherent suite of programs that are robust and efficient, practical for real world applications and adaptable to new environments.

As always, I greatly appreciated your suggestions and comments.



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